Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, I'm home.

I've been home for the past couple of days with a bad case of jetlag (dead tired by six, ready to get up and knit by 3am). On the plane I watched District 9 and Julie and Julia, a strange combination, did gauge swatches on size 15, 13, 11, and finally got gauge on a 10.5 for for a pair of French Pressed Slippers for a friend, and managed to knit the majority of it the slippers while waiting to be tired enough to fall asleep despite the coughs, snuffling, eating, and other assorted crowded plane noises. Never did fall asleep..

Sadly though, despite my attempts at being a rule-abiding gauge-swatching knitter I've just checked, and my gauge is now off! I'm wondering if I just dreamed about getting gauge...
Or maybe the recirculated air prefelted the wool ...
I'm going to just continue with them though, should be done tonight, and see if they turn out.

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  1. Suzanne2:08 AM

    You've got nice weather, at least. I'm not sure I'll see you on Saturday - both Alan and I have been fighting dreadful colds, and we have be healthy enough to fly to Atlanta on Monday morning. I'm going to try to get to knitting on Sunday afternoon, at least for a little while, so maybe I'll see you then?