Friday, November 20, 2009

Swirly hat

I decided to take a break from the gloves and work on a simple project, the swirly hat. Might not have gotten a great picture of the hat, but at east it's an interesting picture.


  1. Suzanne3:37 AM

    Thea - I think your blog has been hacked ... I keep getting weird emails on my gmail account.

    I like your hat and your photo. I just finished knitting a scarf out of reclaimed yarn, and a pair of socks for myself. I've also invested in a ball winder for all this yarn reclaiming I intend to do. No idea what I'll do with all the yarn....

    And what's the big news you're planning to share?

  2. Hacked? I'll email you to sort it out.

    Yay ball winders. You don't want to do sweaters or blankets?

    I'll share the news early next week ...

  3. Good news, it wasn't the blog. It's all sorted now.