Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another dimension?

Work made everyone leave 3 hours early because of possible transportation issues due to the snow! What dimension am I living in?

It was a clear day when I walked to work this morning, but it started snowing almost immediately after I arrived. On my way back though, from the bus stop to home, it was lovely. There was a layer of white on the ground, on cars, on houses, very light snow falling, and the comforting sound of freshly fallen snow under my feet.

What shall I do with my now 2 hours of extra leisure time?!
Finish the socks, for one. Then who knows!
Really, all I have to do with the socks is redo one toe. As you can see in this poorly taken photograph (it looked ok in the viewfinder, really), the right sock is done in the usual decrease every other row toe. Usually I'm fine with it, but it just wasn't cutting it this time, so I went online to search for pictures, and decided on the simple round toe from knitty. I'm much happier with the whole project now. I'm hoping to have the whole pattern on the blog in the next 2 days...

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