Friday, May 02, 2008

Interview with Gina Ruiz

Gina Ruiz was nice enough to let me interview her for the blog. She is a blogger extraodinaire and has previously done a kids' story time at the shop, reading from the book Woolbur.

I hope this interview is the first of many interesting interviews with fiber loving folks.

Knit or crochet: Crochet
What's your favorite That Yarn Store yarn: Baby Alpaca! Soooo soft.
How long have you been crocheting: I learned when I was little but haven't since I was about 15, then my granddaughter led me into the store about a year and a half ago and I was, quite literally, hooked. I can't stop buying yarn!
How did you learn to crochet: My grandmother taught me the rudimentaries and David is teaching me the finer points.
What are you crocheting: A Pig Blanket! It's simple squares in a soft green with alternating ones in cream. Every other square has a little pink pig face first crocheted and then sewn onto it. Very cute. I think the pattern calls it a Barnyard Blanket, but at our house it's a pig blanket.
Why that project: My granddaughter Jasmine loves pigs! She has the largest (I think) Pig Book Collection, every birthday party is a pig party and she has tons of stuff pigs.
Do you follow patterns, make up your own, or a mixture: Mixture
What do you do for a living: Let's see that gets complicated. I'm the GM for an all online publication that writes about animation and visual effects,, I write book reviews, I started a cooking website, I'm writing a novel, I write poetry and I dabble in shameless self-promotion.
Do you have a blog or website: Several! [Thea has listed them all below] - cooking, book reviews, latino childrens book reviews. I just bought my own domain name and am going to consolidate everything on
What's your favorite non-fiber website: I'd have to say its a toss up between The Elegant Variation (a literary blog) and Go Fug Yourself dot com. It's my secret (not now) guilty pleasure.
Have you ever been attacked by an animal:Yes! The evil cat. I once spent the night at a friends who had very large (over 20 pound) cats. I guess one of them (the largest) took exception to me sleeping on the couch and climbed his fat self up a bookshelf and hurtled his body at me. Narrowly missed taking out my eye and I still have a scar right under my eye today over ten years later. Evil, evil, evil and beastly cat. I don't have that friend anymore by the way.

Here are Gina's blogs:

- Thea

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