Tuesday, October 03, 2006

snip snip

So the haircut wasn't so much a chop chop as a snip snip.

I almost always dislike haircuts at first, I think there's only been one exception. With this one, I like the layered bangs,

but ...

not so sure about the mullett. I hope you appreciate the picture, it took about 6 tries to get a shot that wasn't just my hand or my shirt.

Sure, the mullet was big in Japan a few years ago, and if I were to judge Japan's haircut trends by those three girls in H&M yesterday, it still is. But I'm not really sure it's my thing. Lets see how I feel tomorrow.

You might be wondering why I haven't been posting any of my knitting projects. Well, that's because I don't really have any. I'm waiting for my yarn (dreambaby DK) to come in for pair of socks and superwash (cleckheaton) for a hooded capelet/poncho thing. So really, I've just been messing around with short rows and lace, trying to figure out what pattern I want the capelet to be, it's not really postable material since I rip it out immediately.

I'm going to have a booth today at the Highland park Farmer's Market (goldline station) stop by and say hi.


  1. Thea,
    Nice seeing you at the HP Farmers Market yesterday. Your hair looks lovely! Have you tried the jujubes? Amazing--especially when they've been dried in the oven.

  2. What's jujubes?

  3. They're Chinese dates. The stand right next to where you and Becca were on Tuesday had them. Mmm--they're so yummy.