Friday, October 13, 2006


Becca from Sugarbutterbex and I are at the Highland Park Farmers Market every Tuesday from 3 - 7. We have crafts available for kids, sometimes simply some paper and markers, or a special treat, like last week's sugar skulls (man, was that messy).

Early on in the afternoon we were greeted with a cacophony of squaks. There's a lot of speculation as to LA and other cities have their own parrot flock. I don't pretend to know which rumor is true, but I do know they are loud.

For several months the parrots used to wake me up in the morning (the opposum is still around, by the way), but about 6 months they moved on. I had always assumed the flock consisted of 15, maybe 20 parrots. But this flock had to have had at least 50 parrots. It was a bizarre sight. Maybe I'll see them again next week.

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  1. Hey, Thea, I can relate. We have th parrots over here in Arcadia alot. They are really loud! .........especially in the morning when I am trying to sleep.

    We also have a opossum that haunts our backyard and a raccoon also. The raccoon is the funniest. He will just stop what he is doing and stare us down. So funny.

    Hope all is well with you.