Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello Hello
Spin a good yarn night was fun. There wasn't as many attendants as last time, but that's life ok. There was a lot of general chatting. I read something from the "Good Citizens Handbook" about courteous driving. There were a lot of recitations of Ogden Nash poems (some by memory). Two people brought in original pieces. One was Sarah's friend from work, unfortunately I can't remember her name (it takes at least three introductions until I can remember someone's name.) Andrea read a piece from her just published book. I believe this was her first public reading. Everyone enjoyed it, and it's possible we might have some book kick off celebration thingy with her.

I'm trying to form a Northeast LA Craft Alliance, so I'll be stoping by two of Eagle Rock's craftie stores today. I started a new job last week (part time), an assistant to a solo practise lawyer. She's very nice. Despite this being the slowest period since we opened, I'm extremely busy and crazed, but that's life ok.

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  1. Hey Thea, congrats on the new job. You are one busy gal. I want to come by your shop, but lately things here have been so busy. Take good care.