Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!
Everyone here at That Yarn Store had a wonderful holiday season (despite relatives calling a certain someone effite).
The shop got into the Christmas season with a few homemade yarn-ball ornaments and this lovely little tree
Image hosted by

We also had this not so unobtrusive window display. It was taken off
our window Friday, much to the delight of a certain family member.

I actually knitted only one Christmas present this year, a pair of
socks. Or rather I made only one sock because I wanted to make sure
that it fit my mother before I went to the trouble to make another one.
I did get a surprising number of people asking whether mom had more
than 3 limbs. When both socks are finished I'll post the pics (our
camera is up and running now, but we lost our Music to Knit to
pictures, boo).

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