Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twist and Shout in purple

Naw, I wasn't the clever one who thought of Twist and Shout for a cable sweater, it's the real name of the pattern from It's so weird having something sizeable to show for a few hours of work. It's been so long since I've done something from an actual pattern and therefore did not require me ripping half the thing out like the argyle sweater that I left at home because I needed a nice long break from it. It's also a bit weird working on size 7 needles - the past couple of projects have been socks with #2s, though neither of the last two socks projects are done yet either, the pirate socks need a complete redesign, I actually left them at home too, and I got bored with the other cable socks.

Anyway, I'm of course not entirely happy with it, my tension is wonky and the yarn isn't perfect for it, but I had already ordered the yarn for another project, a sweater in interweave, and decide to make this one instead. Hopefully the tension will even out with blocking. But, all is not lost and I think it will still look nice. If you do make this sweater though, don't use a DK! I would go with Suri Merino instead.

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