Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm alive

Wow. It's been nearly a month after my last post, and to think I expected to have all this free time to post often. So I am in London, got here safe and sound. My first two weeks were spent looking for a job and religiously spent checking gumtree and other sites. Of course now that I have a job I don't have any time to post either as I get home around 8:30, then I make dinner or watch Jessamy make dinner, then wash the dishes, water, and do chores (yes I do have chores, and lots of them) so it's usually 10 m. Hi. Well, I was planning on posting often, but that's not happening, by the time I can get on the computer, thought sometimes it's ten thirty and I don't have the time to wait for the computer to load.To sum it up, I'm exhausted. I think my temp job is going to end soon though, maybe? I spent last Saturday working, but on Sunday Jessamy and I spent a very long time searching for work trousers on Oxford street, Jessamy said we went to less than ten shops, but it felt like a lot more, I would guess I tried on at least 30 pairs of pants trousers, but I had firmly decided to not buy any that only kind of fit, so I went home empty handed. On Saturday we went to see Lord of the Rings the musical as an early birthday present for me. The songs were crap, but they had good dancing and the sets were amazing. Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon, but I should get offline now it's past my bed time!

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