Friday, February 22, 2008

Gone with the wind

It had been very pleasant in our area for the past week (though I understand it's been snowing not too far away in York), but last night was very windy. And windy nights make me crazy paranoid. At first it was just the sounds that were annoying (something metal, possibly a watering can, blowing about), then I realized that I might not be able to differentiate between the outside noises of the wind, and someone breaking into our apartment.

I'm usually pretty reasonable as far as not being concerned about events which have a very low statistical chance of happening to me. For instance, I'm not afraid to fly, nor am I afraid to wear an underwire bra. But now that I'm not living at home, where there was always a parent closer to the front door, I get a little freaked out sometimes. I also realized, as I was pretending to go to sleep, that should any of the tree in the backyard fall, there's a roughly 25% chance it would fall on the bedroom.

I hope it's not windy tonight.

Though I'm not sure what's more troubling, my paranoia or the fact that I ended up falling asleep quicker than normal.

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