Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hello internet

Hi! We have an internet connection at last, and boy was it more complicated than we thought. Jessamy bought our modem at Carphone Warehouse where she was being helped by someone named Mr Trainee. So instead being able to access the internet the next day we've had to call tech services twice (we gave up after 15 minutes on hold the first time), call the manager 4 times, and stop by the store an extra time in the last two weeks before it would start working...and according to the manager this sometimes happens when you order online and pick up the modem at the store. hmmmm. Perhaps if this was a know fault they could have placed a warning on the website, or put some sort of system in place to take care of the know fault. Or maybe not.

Anyhow, lots of emails from the last two weeks to look up (I'm not supposed to look at personal email at work, they actually go so far as to block yahoo), but I'll write about my job tomorrow.

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