Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back again

So I used to be a happy knitter. Then came the crash, then the vacation, then the craft fair, and now ... nothing. Call it knitting ennui, call it the summer knitting blues (doesn't summer start next month?) But whatever you call it, I have not been motivated in the knitting department.

But I have been itching to spin. Unfortunately I've lost my roving and my good spindle. Lost it. Completely. It is nowhere in my room, nowhere in the living room, dining room, poof, it's vanished. Jessamy lost her glasses too... is it the Borrowers?...

So, finally I got off my rump and decided to brake out my less superior spindle and dig through the closet for harder to spin roving (a birthday present from many months ago). I found that roving, but it was a little sticky/gummy. Not as in sticky from food or gummy from gum (gum isn't really considered a food is it?), but from natural fiber aging. Or at least I think it's something fibers naturally do.

Anyway, I went online, couldn't really find any remedies, but I did find something that seemed to suggest you wash it, then I looked around for another hour (I was determined) and found what seemed to be washing instructions from someone who knew what she/he was doing.

And then, I found something in the laundry room. More on that tomorrow for now I must go to sleep.

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