Monday, February 26, 2007

More Yarn Dying

Can you guess what I used to dye this yarn? ....
Give up? The one on the right is beet, the one in the middle is dry mustard and tumeric, and the the on the left is pure tumeric.

For the beets I chopped up three of the roots, boiled them for a while, then drained the jiuce and put it into another pot with some vinegar. Then I let that simmer for a while, and left it overnight. In the morning the water was still very red, so I think three beets was probably a little overkill.

I would not recommend dying yarn with tumeric, it took so incredibly long to wash the powder off, I'm pretty sure there's still some specks left on the skein.

I'm not sure that to make with the yarn. It's not much, about 120 yards, so arm warmers might be the way to go.

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