Monday, December 04, 2006

What's next

I finished the shawl! yay. It's too dark to take an adequate picture right now, but I should be able to take one by Wed.

Next on my list is a drop stitch scarf with ribbon yarn. We sold the previous store sample, so I'm making another one.

After that I'll finally be able to work on my growing list of presents and gifts.

I'm also going to try and make before Friday night a hat for Knitzilla. Why Friday - a representative from the group will be at the store on Saturday for our charity knitting day. I'm thinking of a black hat with red diagonal stripes. We'll see.

The Christmas presents I'll need to make are a mobius head shawl, possibly with the outback mohair and Noah's pirate socks (half done), and a slew of bookmarks to stick in a few Christmas cards. Jessamy wants bed socks, slippers, and a hat, but she's going to be in SF for Christmas, and last year we just had late Christmas with her.

My sister asked for a sweater. Fortunately her birthday's in mid January, so if I shoot for having it done by Christmas, it should be able to finish it by mid January.

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