Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here's the finished sock. I kinda got socked out, so I have to do another project before I can make it's mate. You can't really see the pattern on the leg, but it has large diamonds. I'm pleased with it.

I've decided to restart that linen shirt I had begun for the knitting olympics. I'm still experiementing with crap yarn, but I think I've decided to go with the ostrich stitch for the bottom half, still not sure what I'll be doing for the top half.

Noah made his first hat the other day. For some reason I'm the only one it looks half-way decent on, and lots of hats don't look very good on me. It also has a matching scarf.


  1. The sock looks great. I can certainly understand needing to take a break between the first and second. Have fun, but don't wait TOO long!

  2. Ya, I know, I've already had that experience before, with two socks, same number of stitches, turning out very different sizes. Fortunately I can just put the odd sock on display on the store.