Thursday, September 22, 2005

LA County Fair

So I went to the county fair yesterday. They were having a speed knitting and speed crocheting competition. Very exciting. Ok, not really. I only watched for a couple of minutes then got a little bored. Most of the knitted or crocheted items on display weren't very interesting either. But in the same room there were a few woodcarvers and a tatter. I had never seen anyone tat before, and it was pretty cool. I asked her how she new what to do and she said it's like playing the piano, you just know what to do, but if you look at your hands you'll mess up. The woodcarving seemed equally as interesting. I actually tried woodcarving when I was around 12, but something happened and I lost interest. At 6:30 I went over to the tapestry room for the knitting party but unfortunately there were only 3 people there, so I got a little shy and left. The knitting parties are from 6-10 Wednesday and Thursday.

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