Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Poor blog

Poor blog, I've neglected thee.

Lots of exciting store developments have happened in the past few days. On Saturday the family picked out a couch, an almost matching comfy chair, and some groovy lamps for the store. We also bought some nice chairs for the table that dad will be making (it's going to be a big table for people to sit at, with enough space to spread out your projects). On Sunday some of us cleaned up the floor and applied varnish to half of the store.

And ... today we bought yarn! How exciting! We actually went to a distributor's house and spent three hours looking through binders which contained small examples of yarns by the manufacturers he works with. We bought some Debbie Bliss, some Sirdar, lots of novelty yarns by Knitting Fever. I think we had a nice first purchace.

Another exciting develpment is that we now have a logo. woohoo.

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