Friday, January 29, 2010

Drawing, lace, and and a weird looking thing

Happy Friday!

No classes today, so I spent a good chunk of the day crafting (it helped that I didn't turn the computer on until 2pm). The first thing I did today was make a cell phone caddy. Basically I wanted to make something that would give a little padding between the phone and the floor in case the wake-up alarm wakes up the neighbors.

It's one of the least attractive things I've made in a while. But, at least I have a few excuses.

1. I haven't done Tunisian Crochet in about two years 2. I didn't have instructions on how to do Tunisian Crochet in front of me, hence not realizing that there's a huge bias until half way done 3. I was making up the pattern as I was going along 4. I started making it about a half hour after I woke up and 5. It wasn't meant to be perfect.

That said I've made my peace with the caddy (mostly).

I also finished my first bobbing lace.

My first piece of bobbin lace. on Twitpic

Not too bad I think.

Yesterday was my first ever drawing class. The teacher is really great, and makes sincere positive comments on the drawings. How do I know they're sincere? Because he made no comments on my first 3 drawings : )

I had expected to be taking the class with others who hadn't taken a drawing lesson before but at least three of the eight students had taken another drawing class together. I've since realized that that's a really good thing for me, since I can't realistically compare my drawings with theirs.

It wasn't until the teacher wanted us to draw with out non-dominant hand (in my case my left hand) that I made something that I considered better than what a four year old could draw.

And my next picture (back to right hand):

Ok, so they aren't that great. Or even good for that matter. But believe me, these are way better than anything I've drawn before.


  1. Suzanne5:39 PM

    I think your drawings are very, very good, Thea! You are way too hard on yourself. I love the idea of drawing with the non-dominant hand, then drawing the same thing with your dominant hand. I'll have to try that. Well, someday. I used to draw and paint a little for fun when I was a child, but I found crafting more satisfying.

  2. Thanks Suzanne!

  3. Cute caddy! I'm just learning Tunisian crochet myself. Hope you'll be posting a pattern!